Heath Care Reform Seminar

With many aspects of the Heath Care Reform Act set to take effect in 2014, now is the time for employers to start to educate themselves on the aspects of the law that will affect them. Some of the key questions: What are the new requirements? How many employees can I have before being subject to regulation and fines? What exchange coverage is available? Full-time vs. Part-time? And most importantly, What will this cost?

Many of the answers to these questions are unclear. But to help, we recently had an seminar in Fresno to give an overview of what we know so far. Seating was limited, and demand was high. We recorded the video in order to included as many people as possible. Below is a short promo video of the Event. To see the entire presentation, please register for the event by signing up for our Heath Care Reform Update List. A link to the full video will be emailed to you.

Interpretation of the new Health Care Reform Bill seems to be a moving target. We will do our best to keep you informed as we move forward.