Public Service Announcement- Nine questions for your group self-insurance administrator

In 1985 I watched every episode of G.I. Joe. I was 6 years old and convinced that I was a “Joe.” I remember my friends and I playing in our back yards, acting out the episodes and arguing about who would get to be head “Joe” and say the famous line at the end of every episode. “Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.” The creators of the show G.I. Joe included a Public Service Announcement(PSA) that would play during the credits of each episode and they always ended with that one line. My friends and I would make up our own PSA’s, “watch out for electric fence’s” or other meaningless slogans.  Who ever had the best advice for the day got to finish with the Famous G.I . Joe line.

Today’s Public Service Announcement is from one of our valued partners in Workers Compensation EMPLOYERS insurance.

In today’s market place what we don’t know can have devastating financial effects on our businesses. EMPLOYERS discovered recently through a opinion poll conducted among their own policy holders that a significant number of small and middle sized business owners don’t fully understand how group self insurance works. In the bottom third of the article there are nine questions to ask of the group administrator. These questions are “must have” information that business owners need to understand about their group self insurance.

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“Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.”