Wage and Hour: Pitfalls and Regulations Video Library

In January James G. Parker and Bacome Insurance in conjunction with Kings County Farm Bureau presented: The hidden pitfalls of Wage and Hour Regulations. A presentation By Anthony Raimondo Esq. of McCormick Barstow Law Firm in Fresno Ca.

Knowing that not everyone would be able to attend we recorded the presentation and now have it available for viewing on our website. A quick Google search on wage and hour Wage and Hour litigation will show you 2 things immediately.  First, claims are on the rise, and second, they are very expensive.  Wage and Hour regulations are provisions of the law that tell employers the minimum guidelines on how and what they can pay employees. As every business owners knows these regulations are complex and confusing. It’s not hard to imagine that mistakes can be made. The new trend in the marketplace is for employees and their lawyers to cash in on those mistakes by suing their employers. To make matters worse, the agencies designed to protect employees are often times looking for employer mistakes in order to impose fines and raise their own income even if the employees lose their case.

The best protection to these kinds of claims is a good education. (You thought I was going to say insurance didn’t you?) The truth is Insurance protection in these kinds of claim is very limited. If coverage is available for your industry it will be limited. Most times it will be limited to defense costs only. In most cases insurance policies cannot pay damages in these claims. The best way to avoid a wage and hour lawsuits is prevention. (An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.) The information you need to prevent Wage an Hour claims are in these Videos.  Watch them, and call us with your questions. We are happy to help.

Link: Pitfalls and Regulations Video Library